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  • Special shaped blade purchased by a factory in Henan Province

    Customer evaluation: the quality of the blades purchased this time is good, and the after-sales service attitude of Maanshan Yongzhou Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is also relatively good. I asked a lot of questions and answered them patiently. The blade of the former machine was not used very fast

  • A metallurgical factory in Wuxi purchased a batch of lithium battery slitting cutters

    Customer evaluation: we often cooperate with Ma'anshan Yongzhou Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. and have been buying blades from his home. In our industry, we often need to use blades. The former blades are quite worn, so we often change them. Since the cooperation with them, the service is also in p

  • A metal processing plant in Shanghai purchased a batch of shredder blades

    Customer evaluation: we have been purchasing blades from Ma'anshan Yongzhou Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. their shredder blades have a high cost performance ratio. We are satisfied with the quality, and the specifications are more diverse. It is also convenient to customize. When purchasing, the sa

  • Guangzhou Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. purchased gear cutter

    Customer evaluation: the product quality of Ma'anshan Yongzhou Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is good. We specially looked at the structure of the product. It is made of high-precision and high-rigidity materials. We are more convenient to use. The workers can start with a little familiarity. The qu

  • A machinery factory in Shandong Province purchased a batch of slitting blades

    Customer evaluation: we have heard that Bowang is the hometown of machine tools and blades. We searched many companies on the Internet and decided to visit them. After all, we had to purchase a lot of them. Unexpectedly, we came to MAANSHAN Yongzhou Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. by chance, the boss

  • Application range of grinder blade

    Crusher cutter also known as plastic mechanical blade, a wide variety of high-quality steel, with good sharpness and wear resistance. It is mainly used for crushing in plastics, rubber industry and other industries. Like other blades, it needs accurate geometric dimension tolerance to ensure good as

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