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How to choose shredder blade?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-08-19      Origin: Site

There are many types of waste materials in the energy recovery industry. Under normal circumstances, shredders should not be used for each material. This is not only a big challenge for the shredder, but also may shorten the service life of the shredder. Shredders come in different categories. According to the classification, the shredder blades used will also have gaps. There are single axis shredder and double axis shredder. Single axis shredder uses single axis shredder blade. The single shaft shredder has the following advantages:
First, when the material breaks, the particle size is uniform.
Second, the power of the single shaft is also very powerful.
Third, the loss of comminuted materials to the shredder is relatively small.
Fourth, the maintenance cost of single shaft shredder is also very low. These advantages make the single shaft shredder widely used in biomass crushing, plastic film crushing, wood crushing and metal crushing, and also have a greater impact on glass fiber crushing, FRP and other solid waste crushing and recycling.
One of the most important parts of the single axis shredder is the blade of the single axis shredder. When choosing the blade of single axis shredder, please select the appropriate blade according to different shredder. So, what should be paid special attention to when choosing the blade of single shaft shredder? The waste materials that can be used in people's life and industrial manufacturing can be basically divided into three types: wood, plastic, rubber and metal. Obviously, this means that for different materials, the choice of shredder blades should also be targeted. To cut metal, you have to use a shredder and a knife specially designed for cutting metal.
Generally, the choice of shredder is mainly based on the power of the machine. For example, the power of a shredder used to make metal must be greater than that of a machine that cuts wood or plastic rubber. After selecting the machine, the shredder blade will be customized according to the machine and the material to be chopped. Choosing the right cutter can not only save the cost, but also improve the whole operation efficiency. The blade selection of the single shaft shredder should be based on the relevant materials. The use of the single axis shredder can make rational use of resources and improve the utilization rate of waste materials to a large extent.

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