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What is the process improvement of slitting round blade?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-08-19      Origin: Site

What is the process improvement of slitting round blade
First of all, the dynamic balance of the slitting round blade is very helpful to improve the safety of the blade, because the imbalance of the circular blade will generate additional radial load on the spindle system, and its size is proportional to the square of the square. Speed.
2、 The clamping method of circular blade and the clamping method of circular blade do not allow general friction clamping. The blade has a central hole, screw clamping method, or special design of circular blade structure to avoid the blade throwing away the cutter seat. The clamping force direction of the blade is the same as that of centrifugal force. The preload of the screws should be controlled together to prevent the screws from being damaged in advance due to overload. For small diameter shank milling cutter, hydraulic chuck or heating can be used. The expansion and contraction chuck completes the high precision and high rigidity of clamping.
Thirdly, titanium alloy as cutting tool material can effectively reduce the cracks of circular blade and improve its limit speed. However, because the titanium alloy is not cold on the incision, it is not suitable for manufacturing knife body. Therefore, some high-speed milling cutters have begun to use high-strength aluminum alloy to make cutter bodies.
4. The force concentration should be avoided and reduced as far as possible in the construction of the cutter. Grooves in the blade will cause stress to reduce the strength of the blade. Therefore, the corner of the groove and the bottom of the groove should be avoided as much as possible.
1. The maintenance was very timely, and the broken tool pad was replaced
-Blade damage will result in reduced bottom support and increased risk of blade breakage.
-If the tool rack is serious, it will damage the tool rack.
2. Clean the blade slot before installing the blade
The waste in the blade slot is easy to produce:
-The performance of the blade decreased significantly;
-Blade chip;
-In the process of cutting, it is easy to cause vibration knife, resulting in tool life shortening, and can not guarantee the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece.
3. How to assemble the blade?
Blade installation steps:
(1) Clean the blade slots and blades.
(2) Insert the blade into the blade slot and push the blade onto the positioning plane of the blade slot by hand for 2 ~ 3 times. The blade is in full contact with the positioning surface of the blade groove to reduce the gap and ensure stable positioning.
(3) Press the blade and lock the blade.
(4) Check that the blade is installed.

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